Secret Cinema

TEU has worked with Secret Cinema since 2018 as its Trader Manager on both indoor and outdoor shows. Secret Cinema’s dedication to creating immersive worlds and narratives includes every aspect of the visitor experience and the quality and nature of the menu onsite must reflect that. TEU advises SC on the best menus and traders for each project, ensuring that each and every dish reflects the world it is being served in. 

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TEU Responsibilities:

  • Creating menu concepts for SC to consider and organising tastings with prospective traders to ensure that SC receives the right traders for their show.
  • Ensuring that the menu allows for quality without compromising speed of service or overall choice, playing particular attention to specific dietary requirements. 
  • Work with SC’s creative and production teams to craft an immersive and unique food offering for the audience
  • Work with the technical production team to ensure smooth set up of traders
  • Having a senior member of TEU’s F&B Team to work as the Trader Manager both in advance and onsite 
  • Ensuring that every trader understands the narrative and their role within it
  • Producing a Field Guide to assist traders in understanding their role. 
  • Agreeing contracts and financial arrangements with traders on behalf of SC.
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