Place Making

Well-planned placemaking can transform your space. Your programme can improve the wider area, making it an appealing place to visit, live, work and study. We believe in placemaking that creates an exciting cultural offering that your community will truly benefit from.

To enliven your space, each of our teams work in unison. You get the expertise on your project and policy from the Place team, combined with the Live Team’s in depth knowledge of successful event production.

Bettering the lives of the community

Your long-term strategy and events programme will help you achieve your goals. Whether you want to diversify the use of your space, offer exciting events and fitness activities to the community or create commercially-sustainable events, we tailor your strategy to get what you need from your space.

Deliver safer events with your bespoke policy

Your programme must cater for the needs of the wider community. To do this, we conduct a review of your activity and identify any cultural gaps, based on the needs of the surrounding community. Next, we monitor industry trends and use our network to attract high-quality activities to your space.

Inviting prospective hirers to visit your site will help them to understand the space and will make sure that you attract the most suitable events for the best rates. To keep your plans commercially sustainable, we can negotiate hire terms and get you the income you need to enrich the community and improve your cultural offering.

Raise awareness of your space and benefit local businesses

Your programme of events must be relevant to your space. Our team helps you make the most of the area’s features, whether it’s the businesses close to your park or a local arts group operating in your community. We’ll always look at your space as a whole to better understand how to promote its unique features, such as parks, cafés, or ponds. By thoroughly considering the features within and surrounding your place, we can raise the profile of the area and maximise its potential.

We can also advise on how placemaking can be used to celebrate important anniversaries for your place, or participation in national celebrations such as jubilees, sporting events, and city/borough of cultural programmes.

You decide how much help you need

The Event Umbrella can coordinate your placemaking, appointing event organisers and selling your space for you. Our Live Team can even produce events on your behalf.

Whatever you choose, we believe in collaboration, partnership, and participation. Your programme should be based on what works for your space and always engage your local community. We want to help you bring your land or venue to life for everybody nearby.

Encourage local groups

We can administrate and issue the permits needed to help local groups run activities within your space. This could include fitness classes, arts classes, dog walking, forest schools, scouts’ activities, or yoga groups. The Event Umbrella can help breathe new life into your space by introducing a range of activities and groups.

Generate the income you need to sustain your cultural offering

Placemaking for the future

Your placemaking programme will always be developed to help you achieve your long-term goals. To help your events carry on for years and, where relevant, generate income, our team take the following steps:

  • Survey or review your data to discover what your community needs most.
  • Develop programmes that are truly relevant to the users of your space.
  • Balance your programme to include big and small events that cater for wider communities, engage smaller groups, and develop new audiences while generating revenue.
  • Design commercially-sustainable events you can run for years to come.
  • Evaluate and review events.
  • Your placemaking project will be an investment in the future of your space, helping you to excite and enrich the community you serve in the years to come.

Protect your assets and reduce your costs

Minimise the risk of events, including damage to the land or indoor venues, with our dedicated placemaking management. Our careful planning can help you to keep to your budget, reducing instances of damage and ensuring that the appropriate asset protection is in place should you need it.

The Event Umbrella has a wealth of experience in contracting events organisations and negotiating complex event planning. Your proposals, pricing and budgets are reviewed by our team to make sure you can make the most of your space now and for the generations to come.

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