Managing Activity Approval Process

Have us manage your entire events approval process or just help where you need it most. Whether you’re after a complete solution or just support for your in-house team, our experts are able to help however you need.

Sensitively increase activities with our application management

The Event Umbrella can manage all event applications for your space. We can look after:

  • Applications.
  • Consultation and engagement.
  • Approval processes.
  • Issuing contracts.
  • Adherence to policy.
  • Actioning your strategy.

Where required, we can simplify and consolidate the approval process, becoming a single point of contact for organisers, stakeholders and responsible authorities. This approach will make your place a more attractive destination for event organisers, particularly where multi-departmental sign off is required.

Our ability to manage multiple applications will lead to a growth in programme and revenue, helping you to achieve your goals, whilst being sensitive to your community and the space you manage, giving you safer, more sustainable events.

Run safer events

The Place Team chairs Safety Advisory Groups (SAGs) on behalf of local authority clients and, as a result, understands first hand the responsibility of ensuring that all events meet the stringent safety requirements of both legislation and best practice. This, alongside the work undertaken by our Live Team who present to SAGs across the South East, means The Event Umbrella has a unique 360° understanding of the process and pressures, extracting the best possible outcomes from all parties.

Adopting our tried and tested approval systems will lead to a programme of safer events. Our events’ experts will consult, advise and review applications and supporting documentation to ensure operational best practice and Health and Safety legislation form part of the application.

Nurture applicants for greater success

We can provide support for applicants and nurture them through the process. This makes your space more accessible for less experienced event organisers, and helps to cultivate a diverse events programme.

Engage and excite communities and stakeholders

Your policy is in place, strategy agreed, applications underway and now you need the events approved. Let us make the process easy. We can foster relationships with key stakeholders to support and assist applicant consultation every step of the way. This includes the community, other users of the venue, businesses, residential neighbours, local politicians, police and many more.

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