Community Empowerment

Community group guidance and training

Volunteer or community groups may run events in your space. The Event Umbrella can support volunteer and community groups to plan and organise their events through either ongoing advice or scheduled event training days.

Plan better, safer, and more sustainable events

For us, sustainability not only relates to living within the limits of your environment but understanding the connection between this, society and the economy. The Event Umbrella instils this in everything we do. We conduct our operations safely and with integrity, providing equal opportunities for all, and we make sure that everyone we work with in the supply chain has the same code of conduct.

We ensure events operating on your land always have a waste management plan, adopt a responsible use of natural resources and are sensitive to the area’s ecology, heritage and the needs of local communities. Wherever possible, we encourage the use of goods, products and services from our host community to foster a positive economic impact that will be felt long after an event has closed.

We can review plans, identify errors and signpost where the correct information can be found, and help less experienced event organisers improve their events. Your volunteer or community groups can ask us for advice throughout the planning of their event and when they need approval from stakeholders, we can provide guidance and practical tips. This makes sure your event standard and safety is the best it can be.

Supporting local organisations to thrive brings communities and spaces to life. The Event Umbrella makes sure applicants engage with relevant authorities to enable events to run smoothly. Together we can create successful events that you can keep delivering, year on year.

Reduce event expenditure

We use our industry connections and experience to help reduce expenditure, offering guidance and reviewing budgets, helping groups source their own suppliers and negotiate better rates. All this will help organisers become commercially sustainable, enlivening your space and enriching the wider community.

Upskill your event organisers with training

Choose the exact type of learning your community needs with our specialist events training. From afternoon sessions to multi-day courses, we can make sure anyone running events in your space has the right knowledge and skills to offer exciting, safe and sustainable events.

Boost your existing events team

Sometimes a great event needs some extra support to keep it running as planned. We can provide specialist event staff from our Live Team to work alongside the group of organisers, promoting event longevity.

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