Our Place Team will help you transform your spaces into places that people want to live, work, visit and study.

Venue management, strategy, policy, placemaking, contracts, and all other operational aspects of your space are in safe hands with this specialist team.

We believe in:

  • sensitively transforming spaces into vibrant multi-use venues. 
  • diversifying how spaces are used
  • enabling events that are truly relevant to your audience and benefit the local area, financially, environmentally and culturally.
  • promoting environmental sustainability through everything we do. 
  • connecting and empowering all communities, helping those who are hard to reach to thrive.

Strategy & policy development

Your strategy and policy development can be the start of your journey with us, or a standalone service. TEU can create audience engagement plans as part of the strategy for your indoor or outdoor venue, ensuring that you are reaching the communities you need to with your cultural events offering. We can deliver strategic planning to help transform your space.

Place Making

Well-planned placemaking can transform your space. Your programme can improve the wider area, making it an appealing place to visit, live, work and study. We believe in placemaking that creates an exciting cultural offering that your community will truly benefit from.

Managing Activity Approval Process

Have us manage your entire events approval process or just help where you need it most. Whether you’re after a complete solution or just support for your in-house team, our experts are able to help however you need.

Quality Assurance

Long-lasting cultural programmes need safe and sustainable events that provide high quality experiences. The following quality assurances provide the pillars with which our expert team safeguard the future of your events:

Community Empowerment

Volunteer or community groups may run events in your space. The Event Umbrella can support volunteer and community groups to plan and organise their events through either ongoing advice or scheduled event training days.

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