Project Management

Each member of the Project Management team is selected for their skills, experience and suitability for the client. Whether you are looking at a 360° event management solution, or just one service, you will be assigned a team based on your unique requirements and needs.

Your dedicated Project Manager will be on hand to ensure you have a single point of contact who is dedicated to driving your project forward and ensuring you are fully briefed every step of the day. TEU promotes an open book policy and works with our clients to ensure that we work with their systems and integrate seamlessly into their teams.

Vision & Viability

You tell us your vision and together we’ll achieve it. 

Whatever the service we are offering, the same rules of project management apply from Initiation when we will work with you on your concept’s vision and viability, through Planning, Execution, Monitoring to Close; each phase of the plan will be a vital part of building an event that is extraordinary and sustainable. At the start of every project we can work with you on your concept’s vision and viability to ensure that the service you want from us enables sustainable, long term growth for your business. 

With event expertise spanning more than 20 years, we have the practical experience, the knowledge and the creativity to pay attention to the details so you can focus on your wider goals. From inception onwards, we will work with you through every phase of the project to ensure that your vision can become a long term reality. 

We look at key factors that influence this:

  • Financial sustainability
  • Physical growth and local impact
  • Cultural and audience relevance
  • Environmental sustainability 
  • Social value

This sustainable future-proofing is what creates an event legacy that is culturally relevant, financially stable and creates positive experiences and memories for all engaged.

We will never lie to you; understanding viability is crucial to delivering incredible experiences long into the future and if there are any doubts we will always be upfront. We will provide creative solutions and always come armed with an alternative strategy that remains aligned to what you and your stakeholders want to achieve. 

Budget Management & Reporting

Budget Management and Reporting are crucial parts of the continuous monitoring we undertake, however, small the project. We have a proven track record in managing multi million-pound contracts, generating crucial income,  offering realistic budget reductions when required and maintaining the client’s bottom line. 

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