Licensing & Safety

Event Management and Contingency Planning

The Event Umbrella is unique in the respect that we’re experienced in working both sides of the event authorisation process — both as a submitter on the Live side, and an approver on the Place side. We know exactly how vital documentation needs to be written and submitted. From authoring to delivery – we can manage every aspect of the event approval, planning and delivery process. We will structure the project to ensure that you are hitting all your key safety deliverables and duties and ensure that the planning phase of safety transfers into the build and live phases of the event. We create clear and comprehensive event management plans and ensure that every member of staff or contractor coming onsite carries the appropriate documentation for their role, and understands their responsibilities onsite.

Licensing, Consultation and Planning Permissions

Our in-house specialists have extensive experience in submitting licence and planning applications to Local Authorities and carry out this work both on behalf of events and landowners. 

We can assist with pre-application consultation, formal applications to the local authorities and ensuring that crucial local stakeholder engagement is undertaken at all levels. 

TEU has implemented bespoke consultation systems and engagement opportunities at numerous events that ensure stakeholders and interested parties are asked for their opinion regarding all activities taking place within the events programme.

Consultation can help us make our event delivery model more effective by listening and taking on board the views of the public and interested groups, giving us invaluable local knowledge. 

Safety and CDM Regulations

The wellbeing of residents, staff, contractors,  event-goers, traders, and artists is paramount. Our qualified Safety Team understands the real-world reality of event safety and CDM 2015 Regulations. They are facilitators, not prohibitions and will implement effective contingency planning and risk mitigation at every phase of an event project so your ideas, however wild, can be realised. 

We’ll mitigate your risks ahead of time, planning for every scenario which poses a hazard to the safety and wellbeing of the public,  your guests, your traders and your team.

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