Artist Teams

Looking after your artist, from arrival to exit

Your artists’ impression of your event is formed the second they enter your venue. Above everything, your artists expect perfection while you want artists to want to perform at your events. This is where TEU’s AL Team comes in. 

With us on board, nothing is left to chance. From our Promoter Reps to Artist Liaison Manager to the assistants and runners onsite, each member of our team is a professional who takes every aspect of their work seriously – whether that’s arranging accreditation or ensuring they have their riders ready and waiting for them. 

Touring / Promoter Rep

Our Promoter Rep team has worked with some of the hottest new artists in the world such as HER and Emotional Oranges to the most established such as Black Eyed Peas and Duran Duran.

The promoter rep is the bridge between the promoter, the venue and the artist, facilitating a smooth end to end process for the delivery of the whole tour. Responsibilities include calendar management, venue liaison, sourcing artist riders, dates, tour logistics and budget management. 

Artist Liaison 

The Event Umbrella can manage every aspect of your artist’s event experience, from their journey to and from your venue to their accommodation and catering on site. With a keen eye on budget, we put the effort into anticipating every miscellaneous detail to make your event a success. 

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