Our Live Team are passionate about events and dedicated to their clients.

Concept and viability, licensing and safety, programme and curation, F&B and production & delivery are all part of what The Event Umbrella can offer its clients.

We believe in:

  • Ensuring we understand your vision and delivering on your goals.
  • Honesty and an open book in our project management that adapts to the needs of your team.
  • Creating events that don’t compromise on Quality and Safety but adhere to your Budget.
  • Promoting environmental sustainability through everything we do.
  • Making the magic happen every step of the way and loving what we do.

Project Management

Each member of the Project Management team is selected for their skills, experience and suitability for the client. Whether you are looking at a 360° event management solution or just one service, you will be assigned a team based on your unique requirements and needs.

Whatever the service we are offering, the same rules of project management apply from Initiation through Planning, Execution, Monitoring to Close and each phase of the plan will be a vital part of building an event that is extraordinary and sustainable. 

Licencing & Safety

The Event Umbrella is unique in the respect that we’re experienced in working both sides of the event authorisation process — both as a submitter on the Live side, and an approver on the Place side. We know exactly how vital documentation needs to be written and submitted. From authoring to delivery – we can manage every aspect of the event approval, planning and delivery process. Our qualified team can either fully author your licensing applications, Event Management Plan, Contingency Plans, Construction Phase Plans  and Risk Assessments, or they can offer a supporting role, reviewing and advising as you require. 

Production & Procurement

At the heart of everything we do is the creation of amazing spaces that inspire lasting memories. All of this is achieved by our amazing Production and Technical teams who are the glue that holds the project together, translating visions and stories into real life experiences.  

Their knowledge and relationships with suppliers will play a pivotal role in ensuring that your event runs smoothly from construction through delivery to close, keeping to budget, remaining safe  and above all, delivering a customer experience that is second to none.

Bars & Concessions

F&B solutions are a key part of the service we offer clients and when we aren’t project managing every aspect of an event, you will find us curating traders and delivering exceptional bars. 

TEU’s F&B Team manages over 500 traders across the South East through its Trader Portal. We offer bespoke management systems and trader curations to match your customer appetite, your ideals and your budget. 

TEU owns its own bar and dispenses equipment, reducing the number of suppliers needed and ensuring that everyone can maximise their income. We can offer a variety of bar service options from small, bespoke activations to mass serve bars with major events. 

Programming & Technical

Getting your programme right sits at the heart of everything. Whether you are programming a series of community events to platform local practitioners or curating a multi-stage festival site, our team of programmers can work with you to identify partners and performers. 

At the heart of every successful performance is a keen eye on the small things. We’re a stickler for the details. Whether it’s arranging and implementing the exact backline your artist needs, or negotiating the rider that they want, The Event Umbrella has the skills and experience to programme your event exactly how you want it. 

Artist Teams

Looking after your artist, from booking to arrival to performance to exit.

With us on board, nothing is left to chance. From our Promoter Reps to Artist Liaison Manager to the assistants and runners onsite, each member of our team is a professional who takes every aspect of their work seriously – whether that’s ensuring backline is in place, venues are booked, arranging travel, hotels and accreditation  or ensuring they have their riders ready and waiting for them

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